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Scott’s Blog: Stupid Bug Reports

February 2nd, 2009

When you make a bug report or feature request to any sort of project please check you have all of the relevant information and if you can get someone else to check it through. Try searching Google first or ask in a mailing list.

For a performance issue check against an older version of PHP to see if you can work out when it was introduced, if you’re not currently testing the CVS version then check that as well. It may have been fixed already. Reports that language X is faster than PHP will also most likely be ignored, these really aren’t constructive and unless you can identify the issue within PHP it’s pointless to create a report.

Scott in his blog continues to write “Finally, don’t get aggressive or be an asshole when your bug reports get closed. PHP is an open source project and most contributors are volunteers. If you don’t like something then you are more than welcome to submit a patch.”


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